The Master's Herald is a last Halloween Special in two-parter to during fun of the best King Sombra's Friendly old friend named "Onikage" to about the orgs to begin & defeated known very soon as...Numbuhs 1-5 of Sector V and the Spies of WOOHP (Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney).

The Master's HeraldEdit

The Duke Org Onikage manipulates Toxica into removing her own horn if she is to stand a chance of bypassing the sacred waters of the Animarium and capture Princess Shayla.

Master Org returns as Mandilok pays the price for his previous deeds as the Wild Force Rangers battle Onikage’s Shadow Rangers in a valiant attempt to rescue Princess Shayla.


King Sombra has returned, to a seen many episodes from the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

King Sombra has the many appearances of episodes are "The Crystal Empire" and "The Cutie Re-Mark Part 1".

King Sombra, the main villain & creates the Shadow Rangers to battle the Kids Next Door Operatives of Sector V.

The resurrected Orgs in Onikage's illusions are Tire Org, Flute Org, Bell Org, Lion Tamer Org, and Clock Org (a defeated Org that wasn't seen in any of the previous episodes).

The spirits of defeated Orgs present in the Spirit World are Tombstone Org, Tire Org, Bell Org, Ship Org, Flute Org, and the still-unnamed Clock Org.

Orgs (Part 1)Edit

Orgs in the Spirit WorldEdit

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