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The Plants of the Past is a Christmas episode to during fun with...Cosmo and the Spies with Clover, Alex and Britney. Meanwhile, Demon Gloriosa having "Seed Monsters" is a fun at the park. can't thelp with...Cosmo and the Spies in Christmas Battle.

How Does Your Garden Grow?Edit

  • Little Ghoul takes up some abnormal gardening after Horribelle leaves the Seed of Evil at Hillhurst.

Bloom of DoomEdit

  • When the Power Rangers start up their own clubs at the Youth Center, Lord Zedd uses this to his advantage and casts a spell on Kimberly, making her very jealous and hostile towards Trini.

Rita's Seed of EvilEdit

  • When the Power Rangers decide to start planting saplings in Angel Grove Park, Rita plants her own seeds, which soon blooms into the deadly Octoplant.

The Passion of ConnorEdit

  • Conner pretends to care about a preservationists crusade to protect a tree from being demolished, with both unaware that the tree carries water from a Fountain Of Youth. Zeltrax transforms this tree into a monster and feeds off its energy, gaining a new form and terrifying powers.

Demon Gloriosa and his Plant MonstersEdit

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