Dark Wish is a movie of a during of the three-parter of the Mystic Force Power Rangers. Numbuh 1 and his Heroes (Numbuhs 2 through 5, The Spies of Whoop & Cosmo.) to get dark of the wish belongs to gray into unworld to be with...The Nightmare Moon. The evil side of Dark Oak and his Barbarian Beasts to help & ally the return robot to be called "Red Pine" from the Metarex Commander. will Father & Chad Dickson calling the dark-like black unicorn and began to the sing musical number it's called "Bring Back A Legend". can't the through the time of the wish of darkness with...Numbuh 1 of the Kids Next Door.

Dark WishEdit

The Mystic Rangers are relying too much on their powers lately, and in a heated battle it costs them their most valued ally.

In a world with no good magic, the Mystic Rangers are forced to ally with Koragg in order to undo the magic from the wish that Jenji granted.

The Mystic Rangers, rejected by the Tribunal of Magic, decide to continue to fight against Imperious without powers, which impresses the Tribunal but will they retract their decisions to let the team fight this nightmare realm unaided?

Numbuhs 1-5 vs. King SombraEdit

Numbuhs 1-5 in Pose S4e02
King Sombra right before being turned to shadow S3E1

Numbuh 1 vs. Dark OakEdit

Numbuh 1 with the Book of K.N.D.
Dark Oak closeup - S2e12 - Sonic X UK TV-Rip by Andyscot

Red Pine & His Barbarian BeastsEdit

The Alternate Ending Scene - King SombraEdit

King Sombra appears S3E01

The Alternate Ending Scene - Dark OakEdit

Vlcsnap-2017-05-26-13h09m52s37 - Dark Oak - A Metarex Melee - End of Ep. 64 - UK TV Rip

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